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Founded by Breki Tomasson in 2011 and part of the Gl0d Group, the CSICON Network has published a total of 626 episodes of fourteen different shows since launching in January of 2011. That's a lot of shows!

With great shows such as The Brainstorm, Retrograde, Film Strip Heroes and Movieing On as part of our repertoire, we're sure you're going to find exactly what it is you're looking for right here on the CSICON network. Feel free to take a look at our most recently released episodes below or use the menu above to look through our list of shows.

Moving Forward

July 9, 2014 - Breki Tomasson

As we’ve announced earlier, CSICON is moving back into being a network for both podcasts and blogs. This is how we launched the site and how we operated it during most of the first year of the site. Eventually, we had to split the two up due to lacking technologies, time and effort.

Today; we’ve come so far in the podcasting department that a great deal of what used to be time-consuming activities have been automated. We’ve learned to do things in far more efficient ways and improved the underlying technologies to a degree where running a podcasting network and a blogging network from the same domain is fairly simple.

We have a new website design under way. It is being developed by Lee Tak Yee, the same guy who’s made all of our new podcast logos and will be up and running later this year. At the same time, we’ll be relaunching our blogging efforts with many of the old names you’ve seen before and plenty of new ones.

Our goal is to have the most community-driven and friendly podcasting network alongside the most interesting blogging network. We’ll continue to avoid dry news stories and focus on commentary and personal opinion, highlighting the personal aspect of every story and our relationships to them.

More info when we have it!

Blogging on CSICON?

June 25, 2014 - Breki Tomasson

Yes; ladies and gentlemen, blogging is coming back to CSICON, a little bit at a time.

For those of you who remember your history lessons, CSICON used to be both a blogging and podcasting network at the same time back in the days, but it became untenable to maintain both aspects of the site without one stealing time and attention away from the other. It took us a long time to accept this fact, but eventually broke the blogging out to a site of its own. That site, and its surrounding projects, never really got anywhere we could be proud of, and a great deal of head-scratching, humming and hawing came about.

Today, thanks to a much better understanding of the web platform we’re using and thanks to the podcasting side of things more or less taking care of itself, we’re slowly going to be launching a blog here as well. The design is far from finished, and we’ll be tweaking it so that blogs and podcasts can coexist nicely, but don’t be surprised if you start seeing blog posts popping up here and there on the site.

We’ve got a new design coming to the site in a couple of months, and blogging will be officially launched at the same time.

Stay tuned for lots more interesting stuff!