The MMOsketeers #30: 2012-10-16

Published Tuesday, 16th of October, 2012. 43 minutes

Episode 30! Wow, time flies when you’re playing MMOs, doesn’t it? The Three MMOsketeers are back, this time with a nice little give-away for all you Rift-fans out there!

In fact, we got a bunch of Rift: Storm Legion beta codes to share with you! This week we got five of them lying around, so simply be one of the first five to state in the comments to this blog entry that you want in to get one (make sure that you’ve registered with the correct e-mail address, so we can get hold of you)! Hooray! All the codes we had have now been given out, but we’ll have more to share next week, so check back for episode 31!

In other news, this week we’re happy to report that the deal between SOE and ProSiebenSat.1 has become at least slightly better than what it used to be (at least for current European SOE customers). There’s also the subject of Halloween events in various MMOs to discuss, including some Mad King who is casting his shadow over Guild Wars 2, and that Riders of Rohan was released yesterday. Then there’s of course the brand new MMO XCOM which was released last week… Oh, wait.

We also learn a dark and terrible secret from Teppo’s past.

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  • Zexunde

    I deny any involvement or engagement in Teppo’s past…. oh…it wasn’t THAT secret..

  • Petter Mårtensson

    Quick question – you want a Rift-code? Because you are first to comment. Updated the post above a bit, realized that it was a bit vague. :)

  • Riane

    I’d like a code for Storm Legion!

  • Petter Mårtensson

    Check your inbox. :)

  • Conrad Truchly

    I would love a Rift storm legion beta key! :D

  • Guest

    I would love a rift SL beta key

  • ChewyDinosaur

    I would like a beta key for SL =)

  • Teppotastic

    Shhhhh… that was supposed to be our little secret :P

  • Arius Thibodeaux

    I would love a beta key.

  • Petter Mårtensson

    All the codes have now been given out! Congrats to all. :)

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