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The Three MMOsketeers is a show about the latest developments in the MMO gaming genre and the personal experiences of the hosts as they traverse the wide variety of massively multiplayer online games out there.

The MMOsketeers #38: It’s Getting Hutt in Here

Published: 2012-12-18 18:18 - 42 minutes

Back to their regular slot this week, the Three MMOsketeers chew over Bioware’s announcement of The Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion to SWTOR.

Then taking a wrong turn at Tatooine while being chased by Bouncing Bounty Monkeys sends Ark and Petter through a time warp and they give their impressions on Asheron’s Call 2. Turbine then comes out of cloak to show us all that they’ve been working on some improvements to the existing Moria zone and there is the inevitable discussion of Winter-themed events, including the one in the fastest game on ice!

And we almost made the entire episode without saying that SWTOR is dying. Ahh Shebs!

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