The MMOsketeers #43: That Weird Patch

Published Wednesday, 13th of February, 2013. 44 minutes

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Convening on their new recording day – Wednesdays – the Three MMOsketeers tackle the MMO-related news of the week.

First up is Bungie’s new Alternate Reality Game for their mystery MMO Destiny. Then we find out that Neverwinter, Cryptic’s new MMO, will be completely free to play and won’t feature a subscription model at all – something we’ve come to expect of Western F2P offerings. What kind of tricks will Cryptic come up with to part us of our money? Let’s speculate!

A trick another company is trying to pull is to increase the cost of their subscriptions for European players, blaming currency fluctuations. Ark has done the maths, and they are not pretty.

Then we have a long and detailed look at the new Planetside game update. We also discuss beans. Yes, beans.

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