The MMOsketeers #57: The Burn Center

Published Wednesday, 12th of June, 2013. 57 minutes

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Remember, no show next week due to Breki’s business trip! We’ll be back on Wednesday, June 26th!

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5 comments on “#57: The Burn Center

  1. Cesar Kangasmaa says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAwwwww poor hard working podcasters I feel fore you guys but if you want a cohost Im always up fore it and trust me there is no spelling erors when I speak english atleast:)

  2. Cesar Kangasmaa says:

    You always talk about Rift when the matter of smouth lounches comes up but old republic online whas a realy flawless lounch as well

    • Teppotastic says:

      I wouldn’t so so far to say flawless, but you’re right. SWTOR had a pretty good launch. Whenever I talk about Rift’s launch being the one to aim for, I’m always thinking “I’m sure there’s another one”.

  3. Cesar Kangasmaa says:

    AWSOME YAY talk about games that are coming aout in general may I be so bold as to add the first suggestion being dreamfal chapters

  4. Cesar Kangasmaa says:

    And as I aded on last weeks episode please check aout embers of caerus mmo an indie free to play mmo curently in kick starter and give your opinion, I have been playing mmo’s för about 13 yers and I have never seen a game that is as vast, emerging and there are realy some unique idead there. Please excuse me fore posting so menny coments but ive been ading on as I listened to teh show.
    So once again thanks fore a great show.

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