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Enochian Frequency is CSICON's The Secret World show.

Enochian Frequency #4: 2012-07-30

Published Monday, 30th of July, 2012. 35 minutes

Scheduling is hard, especially when you live in three different time zones. That meant that Enochian Frequency’s fourth episode got a bit delayed and sadly Paul couldn’t make it this week. Even so, the show must go on and Petter and Rodney pushed on to discuss all things The Secret World.

Chat bug, chat bug – how we loathe thee. It’s still not fixed, in case you haven’t noticed. But should current players get compensated? That needs to be discussed. The Frequenauts also take a look at Charles Godfrey Leland, whose legacy can be felt in the game, and how Fusang ties into the picture. Recommended reading this week is thus Leland’s Algonquin Legends. Our scholar Paul is on that already, and we’ll certainly have reason to come back to Leland in later episodes. The /reset command – and travel times and immersion – gets some attention as well before it’s time to wrap up.

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