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Enochian Frequency #6: 2012-08-13

Published Monday, 13th of August, 2012. 46 minutes

It’s time to once again turn on your HAM radios, or your Occult Attractors (if you work for the Orochi Group), and listen up as the Enochian Frequency is broadcasting once again!

This week we got some bad news from Funcom, so what better time than to sit down and have a long discussion about The Secret World‘s business model? It’s only fitting, especially since different hosts have completely different ideas about how to proceed from here. The whole thing then leads us into why we love the game as much as we do. What is it that Funcom has done that made people like us go as far as starting up a podcast about it?

Then our hosts talk a bit about Peter Stormare and his upcoming role in the game, with some speculation about what the next play field will be and how parts of Nordic mythology is mirrored in the Algonquin Legends. You know those legends (that we’ve talked about before) connected to a certain Native American tribe known as the Wabanaki…? The plot thickens.

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3 comments on “#6: 2012-08-13

  1. shadoe42 says:

    You get a month free so technically you could say you are paying 35 up front and 15 for the first month. As far as reviews it seems the “Classless” system completely blew peoples minds and many had problems wrapping their brains around the system.

  2. Paul Baker says:

    I would like to amend my statement about the “common people.” Upon reflection I was trying to explain why I was happy the game did not have mainstream appeal, i.e., that many of the games qualities are being overlooked or undervalued. The writing is excellent and well researched, the mob AI is challenging, the requirement to level horizontally is intriguing, it has a fresh genre, etc. I do play an illuminati in game for a reason.

    • shadoe42 says:

      I started as illuminati but all my friends were playing templar and since cabals were not cross faction I switched. But now with custom channels working again I will most likely get back to playing my first toon. Just to see how different the story text is in a few places.

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