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Enochian Frequency #7: 2012-08-19

Published: 2012-08-19 18:14 - 45 minutes

Gamescom came and went down in Germany during the week and Funcom was there to reveal some tidbits about the future of The Secret World, including the upcoming 10-man raid and Issue #2: Digging Deeper. With all that new goodness, of course the Frequenauts have to gather for a new episode of Enochian Frequency.

This time things don’t really follow the usual format, and our hosts actually start out early with discussing lore. Shambhala, an area in the game that turns up during the storyline and that contains a currently inactive battleground, is the topic at hand this episode. Expect a lot of talk about Madame Blavatsky, Theosophy and the fabled Secret Chiefs that according to some occult literature direct the evolution of mankind. Recommended reading this week is Karl von Eckhartshausen’s The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary and Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled.

After that, the Frequenauts dig into Issue #2: Digging Deeper, set to be released on August 28 (same date, it should be noted, as Guild Wars 2 officially launch and that World of Warcraft will get its pre-expansion patch in preparation of the Mists of Pandaria-release at the end of September). Our hosts also discuss what kind of sandbox-type of features they would like to see Funcom add to the game and Paul reminisce about his PvP-days in Age of Conan.

If you want to see the hairstyles and new faces coming in Issue #2, check them out on Dulfy’s site. She’s also got a write-up on the new auxiliary weapon, the rocket launcher.

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