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Enochian Frequency #8: Joel Bylos and In-Game CSICON T-Shirt!

Published Wednesday, 24th of October, 2012. 52 minutes

The Enochian Frequenauts have been out in the world, doing whatever it is they are doing, but finally, Enochian Frequency #8 is here!

With it comes Joel Bylos, newly appointed game director of The Secret World, who nicely enough submitted himself to our questions. We also got a really cool in-game t-shirt for all of TSW‘s fashionistas out there!

The subjects being tackled in the interview with Joel include everything from the troubled launch to how the team currently looks, from business models to upcoming changes to Fusang Projects. We also get to talk a bit about future quality of life improvements, some nice hints what kinds of auxiliary weapons we’ll see in the future and answer some questions from Twitter.

We have, mostly through our sister-podcast The Three MMOsketeers, been hinting at something really cool Enochian Frequency-related in the pipe-line and we can finally reveal the in-game CSICON/Enochian Frequency t-shirt (as seen on the right)!

To get it, simply log in to your account management and add the code TSWCSICONTSHIRT. Then head to the item store and you’ll be able to claim your shirt and be the hippest conspiracy theorist in the world.

When the stars align themselves just right again, we’ll be back with Enochian Frequency #9. Until then, wear the three eyed smiley with pride!

8 comments on “#8: Joel Bylos and In-Game CSICON T-Shirt!

  1. Boom-Stick says:

    The code don’t work!

  2. Freedan says:

    nice interview joel you really should have tried GW2 in a guild pvp is WAY more entertaining in groups I was never a real fan of pvp myself till I did warhammer online age of reckoning 5 years and definitely love the fact you guys are listening to the player base for TSW I like pvp and I would definitely love to see more stuff in fusang and organizing groups

  3. faceless says:

    2:40 of gibberish. but they finally get on with the show.

    …learn how to not interrupt your interviewee! ..I missed where the chainsaw quest giver is.

    great interview Joel! Thanks for the T-shirt!

    those having problems getting shirt …just copy paste it into account manager/key registration.

  4. Well I’ll say this now, TSW > Age of conan. You ruint age of conan with update 1.5 which messed pvp up for good. Don’t do this to TSW! Keep up the changes and new content and keep both sides happy!! Won’t be a complete game without a good pve side, and pvp side!

  5. Awesome. I just heard the podcast and got my shirt. Now I can’t wait to get in game to try it on.

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