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Instanews #112: Listen to ALL The Traffic!

Published: 2013-06-09 13:31 - 51 minutes

Reminder, Breki’s going to be in Kuwait next week, so there will not be a new show after this one until June 23rd.

Show notes and links:

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  • Bex (arbitrary)

    Iain Banks was 59. Also, I wrote him his first fan letter (according to his response anyway).

    Prism thing.. will probably be the story of the year, tbh, but the news of who the whistleblower was came after the show recorded.

    Sir Jonny Ive! I worked with a colleague of his who used to carve wooden keyboards for his Macs. iOS7 will be awesome. WWDC <3

    Good, interesting show though.

  • Cesar Kangasmaa

    Ha ha carve wooden keybords awsome did not know keybored uced to be in wood once interesting

  • Bex (arbitrary)

    Not sure they were meant to, he just liked wood and carved his own. He was a pretty cool design guy himself and taught me most of my Mac stuff.

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