Instanews #30: 2012-05-28

Published Tuesday, 29th of May, 2012. 1 hour

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Today is Monday, May 28th, and another episode of Geek Positive hits the stands!

This week, apart from the usual banter, we talk about Bungie skipping E3 2012, a horrible viral video from Halo 4, Facebook’s rumored acquisition of Opera, Sweden’s win of Eurovision 2012, and much, much, more.

The musical feature of the episode was The Dragonborn Comes, a guitar cover of the popular Skyrim tune by Malukah. Before that, there was also Cassetteboy vs The Diamond Queen.

Find us at @BrekiT and @Tofu_Jack and the show’s own Twitter; @Geek_Positive; we’ll be back in a couple of days! Also, remember to join the CSICON Network on Reddit! We’re at /r/CSICON.

One comment on “#30: 2012-05-28

  1. Mandi Odo says:

    I learned about Eurovision last year because my niece is obsessed with Jedward. I’m not sure if she watches the whole thing, or just their videos.

    Completely agree with animated stuff on blu-ray. 

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