Retrograde #23: Theme Hospital

Published Wednesday, 17th of April, 2013. 1 hour 2 minutes

Welcome to another episode of Retrograde, where the team try to balance the hospital books a whilst emptying a bed-pan in Theme Hospital.

Join Dr. Jack Marshall with co-workers Dr. Lysanne Fisher , Dr. Anthony Hobday, and James MacFadyen as we are about to attempt to pop the bloated head of Theme Hospital by Bullfrog Productions. So; tune in, drop out, and let us cure with our latest episode Retrograde where we play Theme Hospital.

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2 comments on “#23: Theme Hospital

  1. Great discussion in this episode! Love the Molineux/EA-discussion and the trivia on the origins of comedy. Great work!

  2. Happy birthday Lysanne. You may be feeling that year older, but I can assure you, that those of us who started gaming on a Commodore 64 feel even older when you guys say you started out with NES / SNES, and using computers in year 2 (I don’t think my primary school had any computers in it at all when I went there) ;)

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