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Retrograde is a fortnightly retro gaming show launched on the CSICON network in May 2012. Each episode focuses on one game from yesteryear chosen by one of our Retrograde team, who put the game under scrutiny as well as talk about the history and legacy of the game and its overall impact on the gaming world. Join your hosts as they suit up and brave the world of sprites and chip tunes.

Retrograde #23: Theme Hospital

Published Wednesday, 17th of April, 2013. 1 hour 2 minutes

Welcome to another episode of Retrograde, where the team try to balance the hospital books a whilst emptying a bed-pan in Theme Hospital.

Join Dr. Jack Marshall with co-workers Dr. Lysanne Fisher , Dr. Anthony Hobday, and James MacFadyen as we are about to attempt to pop the bloated head of Theme Hospital by Bullfrog Productions. So; tune in, drop out, and let us cure with our latest episode Retrograde where we play Theme Hospital.

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2 comments on “#23: Theme Hospital

  1. Great discussion in this episode! Love the Molineux/EA-discussion and the trivia on the origins of comedy. Great work!

  2. Happy birthday Lysanne. You may be feeling that year older, but I can assure you, that those of us who started gaming on a Commodore 64 feel even older when you guys say you started out with NES / SNES, and using computers in year 2 (I don’t think my primary school had any computers in it at all when I went there) ;)

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